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Automatic Street Light Switching Panel

Automatic Street Light Switching Panel

KRD Electrical Solution Pvt. Ltd., a distinguished name in the industry, specializes in manufacturing Automatic Street Light Switching Panels that cater to a wide spectrum of applications. Our products find relevance in urban development projects, industrial facilities, and diverse commercial and residential communities. We take immense pride in being recognized as prominent PLC Control Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Energy consumption is also reduced because nowadays the manually operated power street lights are not switched off even the sunlight comes.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), a core facet of our offerings, play a pivotal role in industrial Automatic Street Light Control System. With their user-friendly data storage, flexible expansion options, and the ability to execute sequential and positional control, timed counting, and input/output management, PLCs are indispensable tools in the automation landscape.


Our Automatic Street Light Switching Panels automatically operate the advertisement board lights, parking lights, highway lights, garden lights, street lights, stadium light etc. our product are extremely useful at malls , showrooms, smart towns, smart villages, college, University or even for home and study room.


Using Automatic Sensor System LED Street Light, you can get in terms of features and capabilities, depending on the specific needs of the installation technology. These systems aim to provide efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions for public lighting. We are describing some of the key features you can get when you are using our panels.

  • It replaces manual efforts with robust automation and provides peace of mind with an efficient operation.
  • Using our Automatic Street Light Switching Panel you can saves a lot of energy.
  • Automatically on timely turned on the lights as soon as the darkness came. Provides an efficient operation.
  • You can remotely monitoring all the street light control panels and allows for real-time adjustments, troubleshooting, and status monitoring of individual lights or groups of lights.
  • You can easily get fault detection and reporting using our technology, and you can individually maintain all the technical issues.
  • Using KRD Panel you can reduce downtime and repair costs.
  • Some systems can adjust lighting levels based on weather conditions, such as increasing brightness during heavy fog or rain for improved visibility.

At KRD Electrical Solution Pvt. Ltd., we're renowned for our role as a leading manufacturer of Automatic Street Light Switching Panels. Our reputation is built upon a state-of-the-art infrastructure, boasting cutting-edge machinery and technology that enhance production efficiency and precision. We are firmly committed to eco-friendly practices and uphold the highest standards of quality.

Our customer-centric ethos places utmost importance on meeting specific client requirements. At KRD Electrical Solution Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in delivering innovative, unique, and safety-enhanced street light solutions to various industries. Our pricing remains competitive, offering excellent value in line with prevailing market rates.

For your needs in Automatic Street Light Switching Panels, KRD Electrical Solution Pvt. Ltd. serves as your trusted one-stop destination. We're here to surpass your expectations with our creativity and dedication to quality.

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